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Love at First Try

World's first elixirs with ancient medicinal

plants alfalfa & sea buckthorn made for your body.

Your source for natural antioxidants, vitamins &

minerals. Start your healthy routine today!

While our body is designed to fight off any kind of intruders, it is also our duty to maintain the defense system that is our immunity. That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to support your health with organically grown medicinal herbs that are honest, safe and effective as compared to conventional chemical-based supplements.

Fix 100 ml still or sparkling water, smoothie or yoghurt in a glass or bowl

Add 1 teaspoon or 1 packet of BioNor Health herbal extract into the desired drink

Consume twice a day before eating to get your daily nutrient intake

Our recent customer research showed that 80% of our loyal customers noticed increased level of vitality and body's immune function*

Our loyal customers consistently provide feedback about the benefits of using our elixirs, incl. stronger immune system, lower cholesterol and blood sugar level, increased vitality and energy, stronger bones.


*Results from the consumer self-assessment study using BioNor Health's Immunity Boost over 6 weeks

Learn what's inside

We never compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use.

All our ingredients are grown on our farm using controlled organic methods

and that same organic approach continues through the manufacturing process.

Better ingredients

What you read on the label is what you will find in the bottle. We use organically grown ingredients from pure Nordic nature.

Trusted by doctors & customers

We go an extra mile when it comes to quality. Our own manufacturing allows us to control every step of the process from seed-to-shelf.

Lab-tested formulas

Behind every supplement there is heavy research, constant testing and screening, to deliver on the targeted health goals.

From our customers

As someone whose always struggled with finding honest immune supporting supplements, I've come to trust BioNor's products. Their immunity boost supplement has been part of my healthy routine ever since I first tried it. I feel so much more energised and healthier.

Melissa T.

I gave the immunity boost a try because of my weak immune system and I can feel the difference. My body is stronger and more resistant, especially in its fight against a cold or flu. Also, my energy level has gone up, which I enjoy a lot.

Mattias K.

My nutritionist recommended me to try the digestive aid to improve my metabolism. Ever since I started adding it to my morning smoothie bowls, my tummy is not as bloated as it used to be. I also like the authentic flavour of the product. Big thumbs up!

Amanda N.


Don't worry! We got you covered

  • What is BioNor Health?

    BioNor Health is an inventive, plant-driven company that offers a comprehensive range of health and wellness products for consumers across the world. Our company is based in Estonia, in the Northern region of Europe. We strongly believe in pure nature and stand against chemically manipulated supplements.

  • Does BioNor Health develop its own supplements?

    We harvest, we manufacture, we sell. Having full control over our seed-to-shelf journey allows us to closely monitor our production and ensure the highest quality of our products. Our farm and factory is based in Saaremaa, a small island in Estonia. We operate under controlled organic farming in accordance with the European Union standards.

  • When and how should I take the supplements?

    We recommend taking the supplements twice a day before eating to maximise the absorption of the many good nutrients inside. You can mix it in water, smoothie or yoghurt based on your preference or taste.

  • Are the supplements organic?

    Yes! We're certified organic in accordance with the European Union standards. We're non-GMO, gluten-free and we don't use any artificial sweeteners. We only use natural sweeteners like organic honey in a few of our products (but not all of them). Our supplements are also without any added preservatives or colorants. 

  • Can I use your products simultaneously?

    All of our products are safe to be taken together, they don't negatively interact with each other. That being said, everyone's body is unique and responds differently to supplements. We certainly recommend consulting with your doctor or nutritionist about interactions if you are taking any prescription medications.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We leave no one behind, so yes, we ship internationally!